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Divide and Conquer

Don’t have time to work out? Add short bursts of exercise into your day with these tips.

Currently, medical experts recommend you get 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise each week. Many people choose to break this down into 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. With a busy schedule, even 30 minutes a day can sound like too much.

Between work, sleep, eating, chores, and your social calendar, it can be hard to carve out enough time to get to the gym, exercise for 30 minutes, shower, and get back to your busy life. For this reason, you may be tempted to skip exercise altogether.

While 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended, that doesn’t mean it has to be 30 consecutive minutes. The goal is to move more, whether you’re working out at the gym or moving more throughout the day. Sneak more exercise into your daily life with these tips.

Change Your Commute

Maybe you live just a few miles from work. If this is the case, then walking or riding your bike to work is a great way to add more exercise to your life. Many communities now have bike lanes or greenway paths through town to allow easier and safer access for bicycles. Take advantage of them!

Taking public transportation is another way to increase the number of steps you take each day. Walking to the bus stop or the subway station takes more steps than walking to your car in the garage.

Take the Stairs

You may think a single set of stairs isn’t worth taking. But you can burn 10 calories in just one minute of walking up the stairs. Over time, those minutes will add up to big burns. Maybe you’re going to the 15th floor and can’t walk the whole way. Go to the 10th and walk up the final five.

Move More at Work

You may sit at a desk all day, but there are ways to move more in your cubicle. Lift hand weights while you talk on the phone. Set a timer every half hour to take a short break to do a set of tricep dips, pushups, or squats.

Need to have a conversation with a coworker? Take a walk together instead of talking on the phone or emailing back and forth.

Your lunch hour provides the perfect opportunity to get up and move around. Stroll around the office, power walk around the block, or squeeze in a workout at

Spend Time with the Family

Instead of watching a movie or playing a board game, why not get active during family time? Toss a football, shoot hoops, or go on a bike ride together.
Have young kids? Pull out the stroller and go for a walk. Up the ante by investing in a jogging stroller so you can jog instead of walk.

Be Active and Social

Your go-to social activity may be happy hour or eating out, but why not combine exercise with your social life? Organize a weekly outing to the park with a group of friends for a game of soccer, volleyball, tennis, or ultimate Frisbee.

Walk Your Dog

Any dog owner knows the joy a walk brings a dog. Daily exercise is good for humans as well as their pets! Walk the dog around the block each day to increase the number of steps you take. Your dog will thank you.

Get Off the Couch

Instead of sitting on the couch all evening, take advantage of your downtime and move your body. Exercise while you watch television. Ride a stationary bike, try out an elliptical machine, lift weights, do bodyweight exercises, or clean the house during commercial breaks.