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    Self care isn’t about taking more selfies and showing off your last meal on social media. In fact, it’s not all about you. What is self care and how does it help you help others? You’re about to find out. Read >>
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It’s Not Selfish

Take time to love yourself today.

In a world full of people who are consumed with themselves, the idea of self care may leave a bad taste in your mouth. But self care isn’t about taking more selfies and showing off your last meal on social media. In fact, it’s not all about you. Of course, it focuses on you, but when it comes down to it, self care is actually about others.

What is self care and how does it help you help others? You’re about to find out.

Self Care and You

The simple definition of self care is any activity that promotes your well-being. Because your well-being covers every aspect of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—self care does as well.

What’s that mean? It means that what equals self care for you may not mean self care for someone else. So if you’re big into marathon running, don’t expect a weight lifter to go after the same self-care regimen. Likewise, if board games help you relax and wind down, you’ll possibly not understand folks who prefer video games. And if reading or going to a worship service heals your mind and soul, do it! But if you clear your head and find peace better in the midst of a gigantic forest all alone, feel free to hit the woods.

Remember—self care is essential to help you be a better you. After all, becoming a workaholic can wreak havoc on your personal life. Marital stress can put a hurting on your work performance. And a lack of purpose can make it difficult to get through life day by day. With appropriate self care, you can put your priorities back in order and see the big picture. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be prepared to take on whatever life throws at you.

Rest and self care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

A Selfless Act

At this point, you may be wondering exactly how self care isn’t just another claim that you’re the most important person on the planet and other people don’t matter. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Because as good as you feel and look when you take care of yourself, those good feelings and that great body aren’t the purpose of self care. Rather, the end goal of self care is others.

That’s right—you take care of yourself so you can better care for others. This is particularly true for those whose personality causes them to put other people first. If this is you, you can easily overcommit to helping others. When this happens, burnout is always lurking nearby, and it becomes difficult to have a good attitude in the midst of your service. Spend a little time practicing self care and watch your mood improve. Once you care for yourself, you’ll be ready to return to the world, where people and their needs await. But because you practiced self care, you’ll have the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy necessary to lend a hand with a good attitude.

Sure, you may think it’s wrong to spend time caring for yourself, but if you don’t, who will? By caring for yourself, you may even encourage others to do the same. As a result, more and more people will be energized and ready to look out for others. And it doesn’t get much better than that!