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Checking In on Your Resolutions

How are those New Year’s resolutions to exercise holding up?

It’s been a few months since you made your New Year’s resolutions. At the end of last year, you were tired of the old you and ready for change. The year 2019 was going to be the year you got in shape, lost weight, and improved your health. So, how’s it going? Have you stuck with your resolutions so far? Is exercise a regular part of your everyday routine? Hopefully you have, but if you’re like most people, you’re thinking about giving up. Thankfully, it’s never too late to renew your resolutions.

For those who are struggling to keep exercise resolutions, here are a few tips to get back on the wagon.

Make It Daily

Despite any frustration they may bring, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. The start of a new year is a great time to look at your life, see areas that need improvement, and resolve to change. The problem is, the new year only happens every 365 days. That’s a long time for resolutions to fall by the wayside. A more effective way to adopt an active lifestyle is to resolve each new day to improve your physical fitness. Every morning, wake up and make the choice to exercise. Keep a reminder on your mirror, on your phone, or on your nightstand to exercise. Daily resolutions are a lot harder to forget than yearly resolutions.

Be Specific

Many resolutions fail because they are vague. Instead of resolving to be more active, to lose weight, or improve your heath, make resolutions with goals that are specific. How much weight do you want to lose, how often will you exercise, when will you exercise, where will you exercise, and what exercises will you do? Nailing down specifics will make it easier to keep on the path to better health.

Track Your Progress

You’ll be more likely to stick to your resolutions if they are measureable. Instead of a vague goal of improving your health, track your progress. Maybe you want to lose belly fat. Measure your waist each week. Perhaps you want to lower your blood pressure. Get your blood pressure checked each month. As you monitor your progress, write it down. Keep a notebook or app on your phone that tracks whatever it is you’re working on. Seeing your progress is a great way to stay motivated.

Start Small

You may want to lose 100 pounds, but such a goal can be overwhelming. Seeing your resolution through to the end may seem impossible. This is why so many people give up on their goals. As you make resolutions, be sure they are attainable. Instead of trying to lose 100 pounds in a year, try to lose two pounds each week or eight pounds each month. Instead of resolving to bench press 250 pounds, seek to increase your weight by 10 pounds each month. As you hit these small goals, make new ones. Eventually, you’ll reach big goals you thought were impossible!

Go Public

Have you told anyone about your resolution? The more people who know about it, the more likely you are to stick with it. When family and friends know about your goals, they can offer encouragement and support. Consider sharing your goals, your progress, or your workouts on social media. Join a workout class, start a friendly competition with your coworkers, or find a workout partner that can keep you accountable.

Allow Mistakes

If a week went by and you didn’t get to the gym, don’t beat yourself up. You can get back on track tomorrow. Expect mistakes and setbacks. They are a part of life. Learn from them and move on. Recommit for another day, another week, and you’ll reach your goals.